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A very basic ruby gem for the payone API

This is a short post about a small ruby gem I have written awhile ago. It's a simple interface to Payone's HTTP API. Payone is a payment service provider in Germany that offers several different payment methods like credit card, direct debit and so on and so forth.

The gem is still a little bit rough around the edges and doesn't do much more than sending http post requests. So you still have to know the payone API. There is a lot of room for improvement, I am thinking about an API similar to ActiveMerchant or even an integration.

For the impatient here is how you install it: gem install gemcutter gem tumble gem install payone_connect And here is how you use it: require 'payone_connect' payone =,params_hash) puts payone.request[:status]

Enough said, here you can find the code: